Smarter Services Webcast On-Demand:
Service Strategies for Product End-of-Life

In 2018, service leaders have a new challenge - customers expect that equipment and products will have an extended useful life. As quality and reliability have become key differentiators for manufacturers and service organizations, customers are holding on to equipment and products longer. These customers also expect service to be able to support these older assets and products at the same levels of a newer version. This trend is causing a strain on supply chains as resources and parts become more scarce and costly towards the end of life. 

In December 2017 and early 2018, The Service Council (TSC) will explore the trends, challenges, and best practices associated with managing products and equipment at end-of-life. TSC will look to highlight how service parts leaders manage this critical time in the service lifecycle. Findings from this and other research projects were shared on TSC's Monthly Smarter Services Webcast (February 15, 2018). The webcast also featured a panel which included service leaders from Philips Healthcare and Sub-Zero Group, Inc. who discussed their thoughts and insights as they manage product end-of-life.

If you would like to learn about the key trends, challenges, and best practices in managing product end-of-life, make sure to download the on-demand recording of the webcast.