Smarter Services Webcast:
CSAT, NPS, Customer Effort. What Makes Sense?

In 2015 research around customer experience management (CEM), The Service Council found that 80% of organizations equated Voice of the Customer (VoC) with CEM. While CEM includes a lot more than VoC activities, it goes to show the great level of focus and interest on customer listening and other related activities.

VoC is an integral part of service response, service design, and service performance management. Most organizations leverage Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score in their service performance dashboards as these are seen to be true measures of customer performance. There are a handful of organizations that are beginning to look at newer measures of service response. Scores such as customer effort and Ease of Doing Business are also popping up on the service executive's dashboard.

In August 2017, TSC hosted a discussion on VoC best practices and outcomes. Joining TSC's Sumair Dutta was:

  • VICKY STENNES, Director of Customer Experience and Retention, STERIS - Integrated Medical Systems

The discussion focused on:

  • The various scores compiled from customer feedback
  • The predictive capacity of feedback scores
  • Customer-facing action items prioritized as a result of feedback
  • Internal action items prioritized as a result of feedback

How are service organizations using customer feedback to improve customer engagement? Join our webinar to find out.