Smarter Services Webcast On-Demand:
3D Printing's Impact on the Service Supply Chain

In 2015 service parts research, The Service Council found that the top challenges facing organizations were the increased inventory associated with storing obsolete parts and the need to support a greater variety of service parts. These converging trends demand that service parts leaders evaluate how they can enable more flexibility within their service supply chain, at the right cost.

3D printing has emerged as a potential solution to the problem of having the right part when you need to support a fast moving service environment. But this emerging technology, though garnering interest, is often viewed as too forward thinking and potentially cost-prohibitive for most service organizations. 

On November 1, TSC shared findings from its 2017 Service Parts Management benchmark and host a discussion on 3D Printing of service parts.

The discussion focused on:

  • The challenges impacting the service supply chain
  • What is needed to implement 3D printing technology
  • The impact/results expected
  • and more...

Is your service business ready to explore 3D printing of service parts? Download the webinar recording to find out.