The 2017 Smarter Services Symposium Agenda

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TSC's 2017 Smarter Services Symposium will take place September 11-13 (Add to Calendar) in Chicago, IL. The theme of the event will be: Invigorating Service Journeys.

Business excellence in the realm of service takes place at the confluence of three critical journeys:

  1. Operational Journeys (Day 1),
  2. Customer Journeys (Day 2),
  3. Commercial Journeys (Day 3).

Excellence in supporting one path isn’t sufficient to ensure sustained success in an extremely competitive service environment. Champion organizations find the right blend of these critical pathways to create a differentiated relationship with their customers. 

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Visit: or contact:

John Carroll,, 617-717-8300 (Attendance or Sponsor Opportunities)
Ray Morley,, 603-289-6492 (Attendance Opportunities)
Sumair Dutta, 508-904-8645 (Speaker Opportunities)